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Ella and her elementary school friends are off on a field trip to Pesa Bank. Adventure awaits as they explore what happens at banks. They are marveled by Nuru, the banker, as they learn the intricate ways of banking and take a ride down the famous money slide.


“Ella The Banker” is a children’s book co-authored by Liam Sprinkle (10 years) and his mom, Shamim Okolloh, a Little Rock based banker. Liam was inspired by his eight-year-old sister, Ella, who dreams of becoming a banker like her mom. The book encourages girls to consider a career in commercial banking because women, especially women of color, are often underrepresented in the field. 


“Ella the Banker” represents the possibilities for young girls to see, believe and become whatever they choose.

Ella The Banker - Hardcover

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